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Accelerate Every Aspect of Your Life

The Accelerator bundle gives you access to life changing information. 

With the Accelerator bundle you will get instant access to 20+ life changing courses to accomplish any desire in your life. The information inside of the accelerator bundle will take you years to discover for yourself. The only thing stopping you from accomplishing your goals is the right information. 

Self Education is the NOW!

It’s time to take charge of your life and educate yourself. The education system is broken. We were taught useless information that does not benefit us. It’s time for you to take control of your life and teach yourself the most valuable skills in the world.

The Accelerator Bundle Makes you

A better version of yourself
everyday in every way

Dreams are meant to be accomplished through Self Education

Education has a new form and dreams are meant to be accomplished.

At Current9 we’re on a mission to help every human live their dream life.

At Current9 our team is dedicated to getting you the best information so you can build that business, live a healthy life, so you can wake up fulfilled just like us.

Current9 was founded by 2 college dropouts that were failed by the broken education system, but found success through online self education.


Case Studies of Success

The Accelerator bundle has some highest success rates in the world of any online education programs. Our programs are engineered to educate and help you implement the information so you can actually enjoy the real world results.

How it Works

Experience the future of education.

The most successful people in the world are self educated. Self education allows you to learn information that you can use today to get visible results.

With self education you can choose to learn and master money making skills from the 21st century on your own time. Enjoy support, accountability, and friendship from thousands of students around the world.

How to start your Journey

Step 1: Join the program

Get enrolled into the program by an independent course provider so they can learn about you and provide you a curriculum. The curriculum provided to you will show you specifically which course to take and how long it should take you before you start seeing visible results in your life.

Step 2: Access the training and login

Once you are enrolled into the program you get instant access. You will get your enrollment and login details via email. You can login and you are good to go. All the programs will be available to you.

Step 3: Implement the training

The programs are designed to make implementing it simple. The programs provide templates, resources, contacts, software, spreadsheets to make implementing as easy and as time efficient as possible for you.

Step 4. Get personal help

You’re not alone. The accelerator bundle comes with support agents that will help and answer your questions in real time every step of the way.

Step 5. Enjoy your results

Enjoy your new lifestyle with the results you got with the information inside of the Accelerator Bundle.

Learning is no longer in a classroom and you don’t have to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars. When you enrol into the Accelerator bundle the world becomes your classroom. You can learn information that is actually useful today so you can build the life you’ve always wanted.

What You’ll learn

The World’s best education to systematically build your dream life is now in your hands. 

Your possibilities are endless.

What’s the best thing that money can buy? How about more money? When you invest in yourself improvement, everything around you changes. 

  • Your income grows
  • Your quality of life improves
  • Your ability to control your life increases
  • Your happiness grows

This is why investing in your self education is the best decision you can make. Since 1945 we’ve been in the information age. The person that possesses the most valuable information will win.

With the Accelerator Bundle you will have access to the best information on:

  • Building businesses in the fastest growing (most in demand) industries.
  • Mastering your finances and growing your wealth.
  • Cultivate loving relationships.
  • Building and leveraging your credit.
  • And so much more.

Basically everything you were supposed to learn in school. That is why we’re making the Accelerator Bundle the most accessible solution to educating yourself ever. It’s exactly what you’ve been missing.

Get Access To All The Programs

eCom accelerator

Learn how to build an online store that makes sales for you 24/7. No product ideas required, you will learn how to source products from China. $1997

YouTube accelerator

Learn how to build income doing what you love on the most used platform on the internet. $297 - COMING SOON

Turo accelerator

Learn how to lease cars and rent them out using Turo

Stock market accelerator

Learn how to make money buying and selling stocks on the Stock Market. $497 - COMING SOON

Fitness accelerator

Learn how to take charge of your health with simple habits and routines. $497 - COMING SOON

FB ads accelerator

Learn basic and advanced advertising strategies on Facebook to drive traffic to any website.

Car flipping accelerator

Learn how to get your dealer's license and finding the right cars and reselling them for a profit.

Musician accelerator

Learn how to grow your brand as a musician and get more streams in any genre. $497 - COMING SOON

Air BnB accelerator

Learn how to get short term rentals and list them on Airbnb to make passive income as a landlord.

Relationship accelerator

Learn how to get out your comfort zone and build relationships through improving self image, confidence, and communication skills.

Client Accelerator

Learn how to get more clients for any business using cutting edge social media strategies and be able to resell this skill to the numerous businesses in need of it. $1997

Wealth accelerator

Learn how to build your net worth with financial planning that's easy to do. $997 - COMING SOON

Real estate accelerator

Learn how to wholesale real estate without having to use any of your own money. $1997 - COMING SOON

Manifestation accelerator

Learn how to tap in to the power of your mind and attract whatever you want out of life effortlessly.

Brand accelerator

Learn how to build a brand and turn it into a household name.

Amazon Accelerator

Learn how to list products on the largest Ecom store in the world and make money 24/7 as your products sell there. $997 - COMING SOON

Productivity Accelerator

Learn how to accomplish more in your 24 hours to be able to get the most out of everyday while feeling your best. $197 - COMING SOON

Affiliate Marketing Accelerator

Learn how to make money selling in demand products from established brands. $497 - COMING SOON

Credit accelerator -

Learn how to repair and build your credit in under 6 months and offer it as a service to other people. $997 - Launched

Trucking accelerator

Learn how to purchase trucks with credit and have the trucks working making money for you while you sleep $997 - COMING SOON

Total Value of All Programs $15,840

New programs are added very frequently and the value continues to grow.
With your investment you get access to all new programs.

BONUS #1: Current9 Mastermind $1,997 value

You get world class support from a raving community.

Find business partners, get real time support, get help from live coaching calls.

BONUS #2: Live events and workshops
$997 Value

Accelerator bundle students get access to live mentorship calls from 7-figure entrepreneurs. Accelerator bundle students get steep discounts to Current9 live events

  • Lifetime access to the Accelerator Bundle
  • Access to all upcoming programs
  • Access to the Current9 Mastermind
  • Access to exclusive live workshops
  • Access on any computer or phone
  • Money back guarantee
Compare this to the amount people Typically spend on Traditional Education

3,770 Customer Love Stories

Students aren’t just satisfied, they have real business results.
Rated 4.9 Stars from 3,770 customer reviews.
22% of the reviews include the word “love”

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Frequently Asked Questions

No results can be guaranteed all students have a different level of motivation and work ethic. So the question becomes can you guarantee yourself results

If you are asking this question then it means this may not be right for you. If you do not believe that this information will work for you like it may for everyone else, then it’s best you don’t invest until you believe in yourself. But yes , we offer a 15 day full money back guarantee.

We recommend that you invest (yourself as much time as possible) how much ever time it takes.

We recommend that you invest how much ever time it takes.